Do you really need another introduction!? You probably read about the new album in the Articles page! It's Brian Brannon! Singer of JFA!
All Pictures Courtesy of JFA
Tx Punk: What's your favorite Punk Album?

Brian: The Damned's first album, Damned, Damned, Damned is pretty up there. 

Tx Punk: There's a short cover of Rush's "Fly By Night" at the beginning of Cokes and Snickers on the new live album. Did you ever get hassled for liking things like Rush, or other bands? And what's your opinion on the off-on feud between Metalheads and Punks that even still occurs?

Brian: Actually, I'm not that big of a Rush fan, though they're pretty good musicians. Don comes up with different songs to begin Cokes and Snickers with. We've started with Ted Nugent and Stone Temple Pilots before just to get everyone to think that it's a rock song and then all of a sudden we bust into Cokes and Snickers. It's designed to catch people off guard. Usually works pretty good!
Tx Punk: How did you guys decide to mix Police Truck and Pipeline to make Pipetruck?

Brian: That was Don. He wrote it after the DK's first album came out. Being from Huntington Beach, he was into surf music but wanted to ramp it up a little bit and Pipe Trucks fit perfectly.

Tx Punk: 
What's your favorite memory of being in JFA?

Brian: All the killer skate sessions with all our brothers and sisters and pretty much any show we've ever played. We try to make it not just another gig when we play, but an actual event. It always means more when people have a lot of heart. And for some reason, the people that come to our shows always seem to have a whole lot of heart.

Tx Punk: The JFA logo is one of the most recognized in Punk and skateboard circles. Where did come from, or who made it?

Brian: Our original drummer Bam-Bam came up with the logo. We were really into Santa Cruz skateboards and Indy trucks at the time as Santa Cruz had the punkest team going with Duane Peters, Steve Alba, Steve Olson and Bob Serafin. So Bam came up with the Santa Cruz triangle "A" for JFA and put Xes in between the letters to give it kind of a cholo feel.

Tx Punk: I heard your supposed to serve time in Afghanistan! What's the story on that?

Brian: I joined the Navy Reserve after 9/11 because I wanted to do something more than drive around with a flag on my car. Since then I've been all around the world, Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, Hawaii, Cuba, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines. Now it's time to do my duty to support the effort in Afghanistan and I'm going to head over for about 7 or 8 months.

Tx Punk: Anything you'd like to say to anyone reading this?

Brian: Thanks for all the support over the years and keep on keeping on. Ride it like you stole it!

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